The global prevalence of diabetes mellitus continues to increase, with prevalence of more than 366 million patients worldwide.

Syringe Scale Magnifiers: Market Insights

Syringe scale magnifiers are used to magnify syringe calibrations almost twice for the full length of the syringe for easy reading. Additionally, it also holds the syringe and drug bottle firmly to make handling easy for proper dosage to be drawn.  For example, syringe scale magnifiers reduces the difficulty both in seeing the numbers in insulin syringes and placing the needle into the vial containing insulin. Syringe scale magnifiers are designed to offer the dexterity benefits to stabilize the syringe and insulin vial during insulin loading. It is also a terrific device for patients with diabetes suffering from low vision or someone with limited hand mobility.

Syringe Scale Magnifiers: Market Dynamics

The global syringe scale magnifiers market may witness growth in the forecast period 2018-2028. The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. It has increased demand for syringes and syringe scale magnifiers for insulin delivery. The rise of injectable intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular drugs have also facilitated injectable formulation to use syringe scale magnifiers in effective drug delivery. Manufacturers are increasingly investing in R&D of drugs that are more potent than existing ones and is likely to augment the growth of syringe scale magnifiers over the forecast period. Growing concern about needle stick injuries and syringe infections is also shifting the preference from normal syringe delivery to mode of drug delivery using syringe scale magnifiers.

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Apart from diabetes treatment, high prevalence of HIV infection, malaria and tuberculosis will also demand for requirement of high volumes of injections for drug delivery using syringe scale magnifiers. The market may face few hindrance for high cost of safety syringes and increasing incidence of needle stick injuries. To overcome such complexities, manufacturers and developers involvedin syringe scale magnifiers should track market problems. This would provide an opportunity for the manufacturers to know their product shortcomings. Doing so, it would lead to further develop their product. It can thus contribute significantly to the growth of syringe scale magnifiers market. Besides, the manufacturers should seek information from distributors and suppliers to provide crucial insights of different purchasing facilities, product development, cost and purchasing power. Such key facts promises new advancements in syringe scale magnifiers market.

Syringe Scale Magnifiers Market: Segmentation

Based on Modality

  • Glass
  • Plastic

Segmentation by Application:

  • Diabetes
  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis

Segmentation by End User Type:

  • Hospital Laboratories
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Physician Office
  • Home  care Settings
  • Others

Syringe scale magnifiers market: Overview

The global prevalence of diabetes mellitus continues to increase, with prevalence of more than 366 million patients worldwide. Therefore, syringe scale magnifiers have become an essential tool for insulin delivery. Syringe scale magnifiers are also used in drug delivery of other infectious diseases like HIV, malariaand tuberculosis.Based on market competitiveness, rivalry intensity amongst syringe scale magnifiers will remain from medium to high. However, on the basis of product innovation and technology, the degree of competition is expected to be moderate in syringe scale magnifiers market.

Syringe scale magnifiers Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, North America will hold the largest share in syringe scale magnifiers devices market in terms of revenue. Increasing prevalence of diabetes and rise in geriatric population in the region will increase syringe scale magnifiers usage. Additionally, increasing patient healthcare education and regular monitoring of body’s various fluids levels like blood, serum, saliva and semen will also account for the growth of the syringe scale magnifiers market. In some of the developed and growing economies of Europe, Asia Pacific and South America, declining in devices prices. Globally, syringe scale magnifiers market of China and India will grow at promising CAGR during the forecast period owing to high incidence of diabetes, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and road accidents. However, lack of awareness about syringe scale magnifiers in some regions of Africa and Middle East will affect the market growth,

Syringe scale magnifiers Market: Key Players

Some of the key players present in global syringe scale magnifiers market include  Becton, Dickinson and Company, Braun Medical, Inc.; Fresenius Kabi AG, Baxter International, Inc., Flextronics International Vita Needle Company, Terumo Corporation, Novo Nordisk, UltiMed Inc, Henke-Sass, Wolf, Covidien; and Retractable Technologies, Inc. In addition presence of small and local manufacturers across the countries will account for competiveness in syringe scale magnifiers market.

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